Death Is An Unmapped Sea


Photo:  ‘On Chesil Beach’ by WHB – 2007   ©


Death is an Unmapped Sea

Day dawns and life now reasserts its sway;
Sleep ends and dreams now slowly fade away,
Leaving behind the gains which I thought real.
Reality and the sun the truth reveal,
That time has shattered youth and brought old age.
Shall I depart midst over-arching rage,
Those aspirations which I held most dear,
Abandoned now as hope gives way to fear?
Now that I’m hurt, unheard and unfulfilled,
Can I refute those truths my life distilled,
And face what unmapped seas fate holds in store,
Without a faith to bear me to the shore?



22 thoughts on “Death Is An Unmapped Sea

  1. How quickly time truly passes!
    Interesting thoughts and questions, Roland.
    “…hurt, unheard and unfulfilled” some deep reflection on the profundity of pain. I can’t help asking if you’re okay?

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  2. Roland, this is an extremely beautiful and intelligent poem.
    Just so filled of angst so if you were not what feels like a friend I would read up
    and see what life threw at you.
    You say “Those aspirations which I held most dear,
    Abandoned now as hope gives way to fear?
    Now that I’m hurt, unheard and unfulfilled,”

    Wish I could write like this but playing at being English I could ask if I can make you a nice cup of tea.:) please be well.

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    • What a lovely warm response to what, I know, is a downbeat effort of mine. The ‘nice cup of tea’ (especially if Yorkshire tea!), would be very welcome. Do not fear for me, I am made of stern stuff – perhaps it’s the Viking in me!?

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  3. I thought you were made of stern stuff and yes, you grew up were the Vikings landed.
    Definitely the Viking in you. By the way, of course a Yorkshire brew.
    Glad to hear the smile

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  4. Powerful and poignant poetry Roland. I like how you have structured this poem from the title to the final question in the last line. I will dwell on that last line for a few days Roland as I think there is more hidden in the question.

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  5. The most important thing to realize as we grow older is to stay relevant. Those of us that enjoy writing, reading, and communicating are being relevant by using our minds. Any physical activity is a plus, as well. Keep smiling.

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  6. Wow. Yes, this is a powerful and passionate poem. Deeply personal. What I will say is … dig your heels in my friend for you ain’t finished yet.
    Oh, and I’m reblogging this on to my Routine Matters blog as I think it’s so fine.

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