My Problem Age  

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WHB – 2017



Am I at a problem age?

. . . OR

Do I have an old age problem?

. . . OR

Am I just part of an age-old problem? 



Age is a problem, I’ve no doubt,
And one that can’t be solved.
Since time began
We know that Man
Has gradually evolved.

So, given that the speed of change
Is constantly advancing,
Why cannot we
Forever be
Subject to life enhancing?

It’s certainly an age-old problem,
Not just one of old age.
An anagram,
A new life plan,
Waiting to be assuaged.

I’m at a problem age right now
At the age of eighty two.
I’m obdurate,
I agitate,
And no one tells me what to do.

And when I get to One-O-Two
Who knows what I’ll be like?
I might begin
To live in sin,
Or start a hunger strike.

Time will tell, the saying goes,
But I may prove that wrong,
For when, at last,
My die is cast,
I still might jog along.

I might look weird, I will be odd,
I no doubt will be bald.
My old age pension
Won’t get a mention,
My workings might have stalled.

But I could prove you all quite wrong,
While still an ageing codger.
Surprise you all,
A new wife install,
Or introduce a lodger.

If I continue the way I’m going
The problem will be, you see,
Those other folk
Who I’ll provoke
To become old like me.



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14 thoughts on “My Problem Age  

  1. Roland, you have to stop me choking on my breakfast. Your poem is brilliant even though the truth that a society that puts people in boxes can be maddening. I feel intense dislike for such small mindedness.
    Live in sin, install a new wife, go hiking and encourage others to do the same. Just go on living and ignore stupid and narrow minded thinkers.
    Another laugh was that I remember some American ladies who had a Red Hat society. Their motto was the poem below.

    Warning Poem by Jenny Joseph – Poem Hunter › Poems › Warning
    Warning by Jenny Joseph. .When I am an old woman I shall wear purple With a red hat which doesnt go and doesnt suit me. And I shall spend my pension on brandy and …

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  2. At 95, my Mum is living proof of a nonagenarian friend’s statement that “old age is not for sissies” – mind you, that lady had a hip replacement at 90 and is suddenly almost skipping about

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  3. Long may you continue and we will raise a glass when you are ‘One-O-Two’ to the mischief of being old enough to do what we like and I will be like the woman in the poem

    ‘And run my stick along the public railings
    And make up for the sobriety of my youth. (not sure that bit is accurate though)
    I shall go out in my slippers in the rain
    And pick the flowers in other people’s gardens
    And learn to spit.’

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