The sky above Walton-on-Tames, Surrey, UK,  on a cold but bright late afternoon – about 10 miles from Heathrow, London Airport – Both Photographs: WHB – Dec.2017   ©



The sky above my head was crowded
Criss-cross patterned in white on blue
Chequered skyline, busy world,
Now part of our life’s hullabaloo.

Lines so straight, all with a purpose,
Layered lattice above my head.
Each slowly fading into the sunset
As gradually into space they bled.

So many people in the air
Heading home or passing by;
Oblivious to this picture painted,
A modern life canvas in the sky.



Sky-lines on the Skyline


11 thoughts on “BUSY SKY

  1. It is mesmeric watching these vapour trails against a blue sky Roland and they always invoke the thoughts you have captured in your excellent poem and photos. From where we are, about 70 miles from Heathrow, they always look like they are going to collide.

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  2. Roland, your very observant and beautifully written poem rings a bell with me. I often look at these “lattice works” against the sky. See how the straight lines fade into thin clouds,
    All in different altitudes, hurrying somewhere.
    Long way from horse and cart and wayside inns.

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