The Brain is a Lonely Place


‘The Brain is a Lonely Place’ – WHB: Pen & Wash Dec.2017   

The Brain is a Lonely Place

 The brain is a lonely
whispering place
Tended solely by me
No one else can be allowed
To trespass on this hallowed ground

It is forever mine to keep
Forever secret
Locked and sealed
Never revealed

The home of thought
Of hopes
Of passion
Never in
nor out of fashion

Existing solely
to be just me
My being’s essence
My life’s one key.

And so
As life approaches death
It concentrates on what it is
That is about to cease to be
Concluding only
Whatever is lost
It will be for others to count the cost



[ My apologies if the ‘approaching death’ phrase which I use in the last verse startles anyone.   Hopefully, I am thinking in generalised terms, and projecting into the long term.  Well – we are all doing just that from the moment we are born – are we not!? ]


14 thoughts on “The Brain is a Lonely Place

  1. Wow, Roland; your painting of the brain certainly depicts a joyful place. Encased in the golden globe is the brain with butterfly wings giving it lift.
    ” The home of thought
    Of hopes
    Of passion
    Never in
    nor out of fashion ”

    Your poem is to me just beautiful and gives a glow. O.k. , odd reaction maybe.
    Thank you.

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  2. A lot to think about in your excellent poem Roland. I suppose our poetry gives a glimpse of what goes on in there. I agree, life is a journey to death no matter how you phrase it. That is why we should squeeze whatever we can out of the bits in between.

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