Churchyard Blues– Five HAIKU

Yorks-Haworth Churchyard-1983

Haworth Churchyard, Yorkshire.  The Brontes are buried in a vault inside the church , except Anne who was buried at Scarborough.   Pen & Ink Sketch – WHB, 1983    ©





Cradle of their births,
Shrouds for their future demise;
A place to belong. 



To those with belief
Death does not come as an end;
With faith no one dies.



Stay, hear, be silent;
Listen to the song thrush bring
Hope to the living



Know, amongst these stones,
That life always precedes death;
Make the most of it.



If only God’s faith
Would strike my doubt ridden soul
I would die content.

Yorks-Aysgarth Church-1981_preview

Aysgarth Churchyard, Yorkshire – Pen & Ink Sketch – WHB, 1981   ©



10 thoughts on “Churchyard Blues– Five HAIKU

  1. Your Pen & Ink sketches are superb. I have particularly fallen for the Aysgsrth one. So peaceful and the gate at the end so attractive and welcoming. Yes, I could sit there and scribble.
    Your soul has already been struck as you lovely Haikus express swings between faith, hope , doubt, acceptance, optimism.
    So much to say on this subject so will stop filling your inbox.:)
    bless / miriam

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