A Secret Sonnet


‘Moonlight Tryst’ – WHB: Pen an ink, Dec.2017


They stressed my heart and bled it
Seeking to find you there,
But try as they could to discover
They never will find out where
You hide in lonely seclusion,
Your impregnable lonely lair.

For you are my cerebral lover,
Living a life in my brain;
We hold our trysts in the moonlight,
Let them look for ever in vain,
They never ever will find you,
For there is nought to explain.

Just a salve to pain and depression,
A caprice with a discreet confession.


15 thoughts on “A Secret Sonnet

  1. You just grow in strength Roland – no false praise – this beautiful drawing and Sonnet both arrested me and somehow gave peace.
    Sheer and tender and very lyric. Yet there is a gentle humour and mysticism. Wow.
    You have a precious gift indeed. I have saved both in my poetry file.
    May this year see a collection of your poetry

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