‘Mind Games’ … WHB – 1956



Whimsical and wild
Such are the games I play
Whilst mentally beguiled

Hidden within poetry
In discursive verse
My clandestine love affair
And terse

Give to me a reason
Why thus I can’t express
My willingness to capture
My need to seek excess

To open up
Revealing all
Whilst midst the subterfuge
My ego seeks adrenaline
A haven
A refuge

It’s all a nonsense
Words at play
Fending off my fears
Seeking to screen my inner hurt
reality kept at bay





14 thoughts on “MIND GAMES

  1. Maybe this is the secret as to why we write Roland, as it holds in so many things and keeps other things at bay. I love the artwork you have done with this. Very Dali-esque.


  2. Love the ‘flip’ from ‘secret sonnet’ to this piece Roland. Though at first glance whimsical and fun, there appears to be more depth beyond the first read, I’ll enjoy some more reads today Thank you


  3. I find your poetry quite thrilling as you steer us among a number of strong thoughts and emotions. Always beautifully written so I surmise English and poetry always was a big part of your life. The painting does to me talk about our demise….sometime…
    Your last stanza rings a strong bell :
    ” Words at play
    Fending off my fears
    Seeking to screen my inner hurt
    reality kept at bay ”

    Keep intriguing us


    • Thank you, Miriam. I have a long history to draw on. You are right about the painting referring to ‘demise’. I drew it a long time ago when it was originally the result of my studying Webster’s ‘The Duchess of Malfi’ and at the same time I came across T. S. Eliot’s poem ‘Whispers of Immortality’.

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  4. Thought-provoking and brilliant. Seems there are thoughts lurking between the lines. The last stanza seems to send a message to oneself.


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