Houses of God



Stowe, Buckinghamshire

Strength in stone,
Hope in height,
Testament in time
Prove its lasting might.


Selworthy, Somerset

To those with faith,
Those who believe,
Those who rejoice,
And those who grieve.

3St Justin Church-Cornwall

St Just’s Church, St. Just in Roseland, Cornwall

Here present hope
And future need,
Through prayer and praise
Help fears recede.

4Yorks-Lastingham-Blacksmiths Arms

Lastingham, North Yorkshire

Church and chapel
Hold their place
In loving hearts,
With God’s good grace.

5Salisbury Sunset

Cathedral, Chichester, West Sussex

Cathedral cloisters,
Calm retreat,
Where stress and pain
With courage meet.


St.Colman’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, Cobh, Eire

Houses of God,
Built for prayer,
For those with faith,
Somehow, somewhere.


15 thoughts on “Houses of God

  1. What an interesting read Roland. It immediately made me think about sacred architecture, ritual and myth and their effect on the human mind. Though non-religious yet admittedly spiritually minded, I’m always fascinated by the effect a church has on me, as soon as I enter. Thank you Roland.

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  2. Very thought provoking poetry Roland. As someone with jumbled faith and beliefs I have often felt a church should contain some spiritual energy. Some move you with their history, some with their architecture. The churches in Bruges were ones that made me feel there was something else out there. Fantastic artwork by the way.

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  3. I am again very taken with your drawings/paintings. Fantastic. They imbue the buildings with a deeper serenity than a photo. Your poem running between is great and seem to show increasing doubts. In the days these were built most people shared a common faith and the worship over the ages lingers in the monuments built.
    visiting St.Paul’s in December made me feel this strongly…and I wrote about it.😊 .

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