Let Life Happen: A Vagrant’s Charter


‘The Vagrant’ – Pen & Ink sketch: WHB 2017


Let Life Happen:
A Vagrant’s Charter

Give in
Let life happen
Don’t resist
or make a move towards it
Opt out
Let It approach you
and when it does
stand your ground
Don’t even think
of reacting
for if you do
then you will be committed
bound to your response
compelled to decision
confirmed in participation
in life
slave to
yes and no
and thus to become
fed to the mould
one of them
A shackled soul
… A human being



16 thoughts on “Let Life Happen: A Vagrant’s Charter

  1. Roland, reading your fun and beautiful poem this morning made me laugh. How funny, do we poetic people write in cycles. Before getting up I pulled my pretty notebook to me and wrote a poem along the same lines. Just another angle.
    Yours is so good and I like the vagrant’s view that we are shackled souls once we participate….say yes or no.
    I do love your drawings and poetry. Thank you.

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  2. Love this Roland and your last line is so powerful. It brings to mind my time as a rookie police officer when, on most night duty shifts walking the beat, the vagrants were my only company. There were many sad stories in the conversations but also ones which were uplifting, as they were happy with the life they chose and led.

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