My Christmas Age


I am one Christmas older than my age
And I thought this gave to me a great advantage;
But of course that is not true,
Because it’s just the same for you;
Think about it, then assess the damage.




12 thoughts on “My Christmas Age

    • No, Maggie. You still won’t have your 1st birthday until you have your 2nd Christmas! Unless we accept that the day of your birth is your real Birth Day. But then, I suppose, we would have to say it was your nought-th birthday!


  1. Good morning Roland, with your witty and lovely verse you make my brain engage.
    O.k. You are right.😊 . This reminds me to say Happy Birthday as this month is your birthday month according to one earlier post…🎶🎉

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  2. I am reading this at the end of the day Roland and you know how good my maths is.Does this mean people owe me a year of extra birthday presents. Happy Birthday.


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