He is Gone

funeral party

A Quote from that great  English comedienne, actress, singer and songwriter, screenwriter, producer and director, Victoria Wood, who sadly passed away in 2016 at the age of 63 . . .

“In India, if a man dies, the widow flings herself onto the funeral pyre; if a man dies in this country, the woman just drags herself into the kitchen and says, ‘Seventy-two baps, Connie, you slice, I’ll spread’ “

From: ‘Great British Wit’ by Rosemary Jarski  (Ebury Press 2009)


Pull the stops out
He is gone;
Start a new life,
Don’t dwell upon

What once was quick,
It now is dead,
Life starts afresh;
He always said,

“When I am gone
Do not be sad,
Start a new life
And be glad.

Get out the glad rags,
Have a party,
You’ll be fine now,
Hale and hearty.

Ready to start
A brand new life,
A brand new woman,
An experienced wife.

Time to sparkle,
Forget the past;
Your Prince awaits you,
Free at last.

For when I’m safely
In my box,
No need then
To stop all the clocks.”




9 thoughts on “He is Gone

  1. Auden, Victoria Wood and yourself all in one post Roland. I love the very Englishness in this approach to death. Victoria Wood was a brilliant talent. She had such a wonderful eye for the ordinary. Taken far too early.


  2. When I first read this my thoughts were like Nigel’s. So very English wit. Or was this a very “generous” husband wanting his wife to have fun and a wife agreeing . Hmm…
    A good laugh is healing and so is a good cry.
    Thanks Roland


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