Sea  Light

Katie Sarra-Seascape (1)




As the swell of the sea reaches the shore
Waves wilfully break on the beckoning beach;
Light catches the colours riding the crests,
Blushing in red, in pink and in peach.

While above as we watch in reverence and awe,
The marmalade sky sugars the view,
Embracing the split twixt heaven and earth,
Splitting the vibrant view into two.

In such scenes as this all life gains a meaning,
For life and desire reside in the sea;
The beauty of nature is here embodied,
Bringing contentment and stillness to me.

Katie Sarra-Seascape (2)



My poem originates from a consideration of the oil paintings of Devon artist, Katie Sarra.  Many of Katie’s paintings present visions of the sea in its many different moods, still, turbulent, calm , moody.   Many of these seascapes are displayed in her gallery facing the River Daw as it runs through the Devonshire seaside town of Dawlish.  Her gallery is named ‘SEA LIGHT’.   It is a great joy to spend time in this beautiful gallery which doubles as a thriving cafe and tea rooms.  Two photographs of the gallery front below . . .



12 thoughts on “Sea  Light

  1. Roland, your poem is just wonderful, like music this morning. ” Waves wilfully break on beckoning beach”, then we have marmalade sky and much more. Colour and sound of the sea. Your last stanza is so beautiful and I feel the joy.

    I can sea that Katie Sara’s paintings inspire. They are just fantastic. In grandeur and colour, shapes of waves. The whole. Would have loved to see her paintings in real life.


  2. A great combination between the paintings and your poetry Roland. I agree with Miriam, your last stanza is perfect and captures the connection between life and the sea.


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