The Meaning Of Life 


The Meaning Of Life

Author Unknown


I must determine for myself what my life means and must seek to bring it to fruition



The friend I lost today,
the ant I trod on yesterday,
both no longer quick
but now sharing death.

How similar
yet how different.
‘How sad the world without them’
says God
‘How disparate’, say I,
if I care to say anything at all.

God and Nature, merge their significance,
their world view equalising loss,
while I, bereft, forlorn,
am led to grieve for one
but not the other.

Significance holds prominence,
for Nature must consider all loss notable
but necessary,
living in different time scales,
our individual lives
serve only our own time frame,
our personal connections
pointing to meaning
and giving resonance
and substance
to each separate life.

As the axe I take to the log,
the knife to my steak,
my boot to the beetle’s innocence,
and as I pluck yet another rose,
so ends my hold on life,
for ever compromised.

So I am left with
how, in nature’s sight,
meaning lies only with
the recurring cycle,

but in my heart
my hurt is not diminished,
my mourning
is just mine to feel.



23 thoughts on “The Meaning Of Life 

  1. Beautifully written Roland and the comparing of the loos of your friend and the ant is brilliant as it starkly shows our attachments. you talk about how our connections give meaning and substance to each life. So much food for thought….and yet it is the heart that speaks as in your last stanza ” but in my heart
    my hurt is not diminished,
    my mourning
    is just mine to feel. ”

    How true that is.

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  2. I agree with the above comments here Roland. This is poem which needs many readings to contemplate its depth and meaning. The last line leads back into the first line and the cycle begins again. Brilliant poetry.

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