Calliope-The Muse Of Epic Poetry


The Creative Process


I sit here
Awaiting inspiration
Defeating anxiety
By not being anxious
Just as I defeat boredom
By acting oddly.
Poking my poised pen
Up my right nostril
Right side
– That’s my creative side –
Humming ‘Ipsy Wipsy Spider’
To the tune of
‘Auld Lang Syne’.

Not that the procedure
Often produces a product
Concocts a concoction
Elicits the missing ending of
Kubla Khan
Finishes Schubert’s
Symphony No.8
Or Tolkien’s Tales Of Middle-earth

No. Definitely no!
It has been known
To flick a switch
Ignite a spark
Connect two thoughts
To result in a third
of admirable content
Contenting Calliope,
Who, having prompted
My spirit of the moment,
Considers her job done
And promptly leaves.

Thus I return
To that stale and stagnant state
In which
I sit here
Awaiting further inspiration

That epiphany
That ever-absent
Eureka moment
In which
I compose my own
‘Paradise Regained’




14 thoughts on “Impromptu

  1. Very well done, Roland. Once, in my twenties, chatting away, I managed to flick a bead with which I had been fiddling, into my right ear. At the hospital my wife was asked “how old is the little lad?”

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  2. Be careful Roland A & E on Valentine’s Day is full of men with things (usually unwanted gifts) being stuck in various places. I love the madness of this verse and it defies the myth of writers block. Inspiration hides everywhere.

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  3. Just recovered from a fit of giggle after reading your “Ipswich Wipsy Spider” sort of poem.
    It is very clever and clearly tells us how you are feeling just now…
    The result is a highly entertaining poem. Maybe you don’t need that inspiration.
    Hmmm….I am afraid I do, helpless without.

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