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Moving from my visits to the coastal areas of the far south-west of England over the past few weeks, I now wish to post over the next few Thursdays a number of galleries of my photographs from the opposite, North-Eastern, coasts of England.  This particular photograph collection is of the historic North Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby.  I have visited there before in a number of my earlier blogs.

The photographs below cover a variety of different scenes within the town . . .

Whitby (0) OS Map



Whitby (1)

The jawbones of a whale, framing the ancient Abbey and church on top of the cliffs on the southern bank of the River Esk as it meets the North Sea.  In the 18th and 19th centuries the whaling industry was thriving in Whitby.  Dozens of ships braved the Arctic seas off Greenland to hunt these elusive leviathans for their lucrative whale oil.  Many of the crews never came back.

Whitby (2)

A similar view, but this time showing the statue of Captain James Cook, gazing out to the North Sea, from where Cook first set out to sea in ships transporting coal to London and the River Thames. 

Whitby (3)

Close up view of the Cook Memorial

Whitby (4)

Looking North along the Yorkshire coast towards Sandsend

Whitby (5)

The sea entrance to Whitby Harbour

Whitby (6)

Modern reproduction of  HMS Endeavour, the British Royal Navy research vessel that Lieutenant James Cook commanded on his first voyage of discovery, to Australia and New Zealand, from 1769 to 1771.

Whitby (7)

Whitby Inner Harbour looking south to the ruins of Whitby Abbey

Whitby (8)

The modern ‘Endeavour’s’ figurehead

Whitby (9)

Modern-day street entertainer at the entrance to one of Whitby’s many ancient ‘Yards’.   Visit my poem about this particular historic Whitby spot at:  ‘Argument’s Yard’ 

Whitby (10)

Queuing for entry to Whitby’s famous ‘Magpie Cafe’, renowned for its fresh fish and chip meals.

Whitby (11)

Goths in Whitby for one of its regular Goth Weekends’, a celebration of the fact that Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ novel begins its story near the ancient Abbey here.

Whitby (12)

More of Whitby’s Goths


21 thoughts on “WHITBY – North Yorkshire

  1. A most beautiful part of the country Roland and one visited many times as a child. Your photos bring back some good memories, so thank you.

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  2. I have enjoyed thoroughly going through your photos from Whitby. They are great and I love your clear stories underneath.
    Whitby brings back many memories for me too as we often travelled there during the 17 years I lived in West Yorkshire. So free and open and yet so much to see. Plus Robin Hood bay so near.

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  3. Stunning photography! I enjoyed these and the bits of history. Nige has shared some of Whitby with me and it’s a lovely place. I still crave fish and chips from the Magpie Café ever since he told me about it.

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  4. What amazing photos! You captured beauty, history, fun! I feel like I am there and wish I could visit there now! Thank you for sharing all of this with Roland!
    Love the Goths!
    And got goosebumps looking at the reproduction of the HMS Endeavour! I imagine watching it sail in person is so awesome!
    Carolyn 🙂

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