My Dancing Heart


My heart has danced
has trembled to the music of time
has rejoiced in the moment
throbbed in both joy and pain

I’ve moved to the music
done all that
travelled where no one has been before
listened to the wind
whispered to the trees
sighed with the sea
in its motion-hungry fervour
and trembled with the waves
as they shuddered towards the shore

I have given my time to the poetry of life
sung its stanzas
rhymed with its lusting lilt
in tune with its echoing cadences

Now in the fullness of my seasons
I recline and muse
over time passed by

Is it to be experienced again
does renewal with the Spring follow
in another life
whilst this one fades

The gaps which are left
the shreds in the curtain of my hopes
tear through the seams of my mind
crossing the border into
the parallel worlds in which
my existence lives on
matching my movements
mirroring the moments
since birth in the old
to death in the  now
thus bringing on the new

And my heart now murmurs
to itself
in mockery and mime
bridging the chasm
that separates this world from the next



15 thoughts on “My Dancing Heart

  1. I agree with Nigel here Roland another brilliant piece which takes us deeper into The Meaning of Life. It feels like a continuation of that poem.

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  2. Roland, your poem is just so beautifully written, one of your great. All these wonderful
    analogies to trees, sea, waves…nature. The strength of emotions you display within.
    Fabulous. The last two stanzas continue with beautiful analogies to examine ” the crossing of the borders into parallel words”.
    It behoves us to take stock of our lives ever so often but in between, don’t forget that your spirit and you are still dancing here.

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  3. Your words create vivid word-pictures in my mind…masterpieces, Roland!
    I can relate to the emotions the words create, too.
    I know life speeds by so quickly, and it can be difficult, even cruel at times…but I hope your heart always finds joy and dances in that joy!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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