First Love

First Love


I remember my first love
That first careless rapture.
Its zeal and its pain
I desired to recapture.

I remember my first love,
Possessive and jealous,
That fire all consuming,
Demanding and zealous.

I remember my first love,
The passion and hurt
I knew as a young man
When I felt so alert.

I remember my first love
When my senses were keen,
The sharpest, the brightest
They ever have been.

But as time has moved on
I now understand
That my passion is spent
My fervour unmanned.

I was looking for first love,
Thought that’s what I needed,
A Faustian bargain
With lust now receded.

I was looking for first love
Could it come in old age
Could it quicken my heart
With its fire and its rage

I was looking for first love,
But I now must accept
That time has undone me,
Its tears I have wept.

And so, I give in
To the stillness and lassitude
And remember my youth
In acceptance and gratitude.



11 thoughts on “First Love

  1. Thank you for this Roland, someone extremely close to me is very unwell at the moment, though not the cause, certainly the catalyst, is the end of her first love. You’ve given me food for thought with this beautiful poem my friend.

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  2. I love the flow of this poem Roland. It takes us from the fire of youth to the melancholy of maturity and the acceptance love takes other forms as we age.


  3. Beautifully written poem Roland and on a strong subject that has always occupied
    many and is still the same for the teens and onwards today. Sad would be the day we
    can’t feel love and passion.
    ” I was looking for first love, ” 😊…but you already had that. Maybe one day as you are busy with something very mundane Love will walk straight into your heart. Less fanfare perpahs,
    but with warmth and care. Meanwhile you enjoy a peaceful life. 🙂


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