North Yorkshire Coast #1

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After my three Photo Galleries displaying the delights of Whitby, my next two galleries will cover some of the delights of the Yorkshire coast further north, now named the ‘North Yorkshire and Cleveland Heritage Coast’.

01 NY Heritage Coast

‘Heritage Coast’ sign at Sandsend

02 HawskerChurch

A sea mist masks the church and gravestones of the coastal village of Hawsker

03 sandsend

Evening view to the north from the beach at Sandsend

04 sandsend

Rough sea looking south towards Whitby from Sandsend.

05 sandsend-westbek

Misty morning beside Westbek at Sandsend

06 RunswickBay

The picturesque artists’ village of Runswick Bay

06a Runswick

High tide in the bay at Runswick

06b Runswick

Further view of Runswick Bay

07 Skinningrove

The old mining village of Skinningrove where the Kilton Beck meets the North Sea and still runs red with the iron deposits carried down from the surrounding hills .  Known as ‘Britain’s Iron Valley’.

Kilton Culvert

Kilton Culvert (N.B. not one of my own photographs)


Three views of the ‘Repus’ Cobble, an old Skinningrove fishing boat now positioned looking out to the North Sea from the beach at Skinningrove.

10 Skinningrove

It is not clear why this cobble has been named ‘Repus’, but it has been pointed out that the name spells ‘Super’ backwords!

11 Skinningrove

Manning the prow of the ‘Repus’ Cobble


20 thoughts on “North Yorkshire Coast #1

  1. Beautiful photos Roland and I have walked further North up towards Alnwick, not sure whether it is part of this trail, but the isolation and beauty is something to treasure.


    • Thanks for commenting, Davy. The places featured in these particular photographs are all on the Cleveland Way, which is a 110 mile long National Trail running from Helmsley, along the Cleveland Hills on the northern edge of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, to the coast at Saltburn. It then follows the coast southwards to the Brigg at Filey.

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  2. Lovely photos. They create nostalgia in this exile, living so far from the land he loves … and will probably never see again. I love the boat and the fishermen … and the villages are wonderful.

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