‘The Sum of all our Memories’


Photo: :  ‘Two Against The World’ – WHB


If it is true
As it is said
That we are
The sum of all our memories
Then I will collect yours
By colour and by time
Count them
Order them
Sort them into their separate strands
Bind these close together
Plait them into skeins
Then hang them round your neck
As a daisy chain
To adorn and demonstrate
My love for you

Thus I will find
behind that closed facade
That barrier of reticence
The real you
The essence of your being
Your throbbing vibrant heart
Beating its rhythm
In time with my own

I will break down
Your defences
And at last discover
The self which claims
to love me
To want to own me
To be my buttress
Shoring me up
Against my troubles

And when your dam
Finally breaks
The following floods
Will swamp my uncertainties
Shoring up my resolve
So that together
We can face
An unforgiving world



19 thoughts on “‘The Sum of all our Memories’

  1. The emotions this poem evokes are sensual, ethereal and steel-plated cocooning love which nourishes and protects. I hope I made sense with that summation. It is what honestly came to mind. Bravo!

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    • Thanks for your response, Nigel. They are not coming through to me as emails, as others do and as they have done previously, but I have just found this one in my WordPress ‘Comments’ Box.

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  3. Wonderful Roland, I did once call you the romantic poet of the North…bet you would frown at that.:)
    This poem is as romantic as they get. Make a daisy chain of all your memories and present your loved one with. Wow! How beautiful. And stay together protected at coldness of the world. I can’t help wonder if you ever done that ( I don’t expect you to answer ) so forgive my nosy pondering.
    Funnily I have written about love in this week’s post too. 😊 .
    Many agree that it is the most written about subject…..do you?

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  4. Now I see what you mean about love being in the air Roland. There is a lovely peace with this poem, similar to the one you share with a true love. Love the artwork accompanying this.


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