Requiescat in Pace


Sir Edward Coley BURNE-JONES ‘The Morning of the Resurrection’ 1886 … Oil on Canvas – Tate Gallery



Let it be
Words of Wisdom

Words of Solace
Just let go

Let it happen
You can’t stop it

Come what may
It will run its course

So as it goes
Don’t resist

Life will happen

Che sera sera
I cannot stop it

So be it
I can’t change it

It’s past and gone
That’s it

Done and dusted

Such is Life
It’s dead and buried

That’s Life
And Death is part of it





9 thoughts on “Requiescat in Pace

  1. Well Roland, I take on board what you say ” let it happen, you can’t stop it….so as it goes, don’t resist it”. Very interesting poem,how easy is it to follow? Maybe start with one stanza.😊 .
    You are of course right.

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