Baltic Coast of ESTONIA

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Estonia lies on the branch of the Baltic Sea named The Gulf of Finland. On a visit to Estonia in 2004, I was able to spend some time ambling along a stretch of coast, 70 kilometres to the east of the capital Tallin.

A substantial area of coast and its hinterland here has been designated as a national park with the name Lahemaa which translates as the ‘Land of Bays’. The park, one of the largest in Europe, has a coastline which faces north onto the Gulf of Finland. It is dedicated to preserve, research and promote the extensive North-Estonian landscapes, ecosystems, and its national heritage.

‘With forests covering more than 70 percent of Lahemaa, the area is rich in flora and fauna. The landscape has many raised bogs , including the 7,000-year-old Laukasoo Reserve. The park, marked by several trails, teems with wildlife, including a population of boar, red deer, wolves, bears and lynx’.

My photographs,I hope, will give just a taste of the coastal area of Lahemaa National Park.




20 thoughts on “Baltic Coast of ESTONIA

  1. Thanks for the photos and wetting the appetite Roland. Am visiting Tallin in the Summer as part of a cruise through the Baltic. It may be on a warship if relationships don’t improve with Russia.

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  2. The photos are beautiful Roland. All the coastal ones are so appealing and just ask you to
    come and stay a day …or two. May all three Baltic countries remain free and inspiring .

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  3. Fascinating and beautiful – not a part of the world I know anything about.



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