I will sleep all night in your arms
Then whilst the day is dawning
We will wake and gaze out to sea
And together
Welcome back the morning

We’ll watch as the seagulls broil and fuss
As they dart over the incoming tide
Hear the call of the geese
Soaring over the breaking waves
Their stately beating wings
Presaging their arrival
Their fervour undiminished
As they return to the seagrass
The meadows of their dreams
To feed and live on

Such images reveal to me
Confirm my heart’s content
That life and nature exist
Perhaps their sole purpose
To ratify love
For each other
For humanity
Love for nature
And for all of creation


12 thoughts on “Seagrass

  1. A wonderful and moving piece of poetry Roland. I love the last stanza about humans and nature living in harmony, without that we have nothing.

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  2. Roland, what a beautiful love poem both to humans and all living.
    How you manage to show the couple experiencing dawn in each other’s, arms.
    The seagulls ( I love their flight ) , the geese, the Seagrass ….
    It all sings such a song of wholeness.
    Maybe I will settle for this as a most wonderful summation:
    ” To ratify love
    For each other
    For humanity
    Love for nature.”

    Thank you


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