‘Return Me To My Youth

Followers of Roland’s Ragbag will know that, on occasion, I enjoy attempting a, for me, unaccustomed poetic form.  I was again encouraged to do so earlier today by a post on Linda Luna’s blog: ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ .   Please do take a look at her description of the Decastitch and, in particular at her outline of a particular variation of this many-faceted form named the ‘Ravenfly’.  Her blog contains a clear outline of the form, which I quote as follows:

  In summary, the Ravenfly is:

• A decastich (10-line poem) written in 3 stanzas: 2 quatrains and 1 couplet.
• Syllabic count: 8-7-8-7, 8-7-8-7, 10-10
• Rhyme scheme: abab cdcd ee
• Meter is optional




Return me to when I was young 

And life had not yet happened; 

The loves I’ve had, the songs I’ve sung,  

 But now I’m truly saddened, 

For life has bitten me so hard, 

Removing joy and pleasure, 

Leaving my swollen heart so scarred

The pain I cannot measure.

My memories of youth are dear,

The future – still obscure, unclear. 




A full account of the Decastich and its many different guises can be read on the Poet’s Garret website   (q.v.).

I have posted my above attempt at ‘The Raven’ to the ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Challenge.


8 thoughts on “‘Return Me To My Youth

  1. We can all relate to your words and the emotions behind them, Roland! Such a ponder-ful, feeling poem!
    Did you do the artwork here?
    Thank you for teaching me about a decastich. I had not heard of this before. I have so much learning to do when it comes to poetry.
    I’ve learned a lot here on WP from you and from DavyD!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • Thank you for your comments, Carolyn. The artwork accompanying this particular poem was an old photograph of me which I played around with in a computer art program called ‘Prisma’.

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  2. Very emotional and beautiful poem Roland. Let us hope the future will bring such great surprises that you sing for joy in another poem.
    I find this format quite workable….except I might be lazy with the syllable count, a bit like in
    my poem ” The Box” 😊 .
    In spite of your “Prisma” play I did easily recognise you. …

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