WHEN . . .



WHEN . . .

When lust has stepped aside for love
And zeal has lost its bite;
When age denies a wholesome life,
How else to snare delight?

When warmth becomes placidity
I’m apt to end the fight,
But memories of a life of love
Turn darkness into light.

For when our oneness has expired
And you are out of sight,
You still are here in memory
And I still hold you tight.




To my followers and to casual visitors to Roland’s Ragbag:

I shall not be publishing further poems or photographs this week.
Hopefully I will be back on-line with regular postings shortly afterwards.


Sketch & Verse by WHB . . . aka  ROLAND  ©


14 thoughts on “WHEN . . .

  1. A truly moving and beautiful poem, blessed are we who find such a soul mate, a partner who can capture our hearts so completely. Thank you for allowing us to share such feelings Roland.

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  2. With beauty and song you honour the woman who shared your life so long and whose life your shared.
    Together you made it rich. In your memory, in your heart she will be and comfort give.

    With beauty you also honour your poet friends, let us share some of what you feel.

    Your poem is comfort and tears, one I will save as not to forget how life can be.
    Thank you Roland and bless.

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  3. A touching and moving poem. Roland. May you always be comforted by beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing your feelings and take care of yourself.


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