. . . and Love Will Not Cease



‘The Good Shepherd’ – Burne-Jones – Stained G;ass – Frome 

When life ends in tears
Memory holds Heaven’s key
And Love will not cease.




I plan to re-commence my regular weekday posts from Wednesday 2nd May.





22 thoughts on “. . . and Love Will Not Cease

  1. A lovely, lovely haiku, Roland … The power of memory is stronger than many know. I cultivate it often, especially when I’m alone and the days’ work has ended.


  2. A fine example of how less is often so very much more. I look forward to your return when you feel you’re ready Roland. You are greatly missed Tyke.


  3. So true, so beautiful, so poignant.
    Continued thoughts of comfort for you in your time of great sadness, Roland.
    Your precious memories are with you, as is her love.


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