‘Tales Once Told’ – A SONNET


‘Contemplation: Rydal Water’ …  Pen&Ink – WHB

Tales Once Told


The rain-filled sky is bleak and sad today,
Its loaded clouds weep bitter joyless tears,
While winter winds arouse the foam-topped waves,
Seeking to prove the truth of all my fears.

Tears, as raindrops, fall when I feel sad.
I shed them as I think what might have been.
For fears that life, with time, is running out
Reflect on what my life has come to mean.

The joys of youth now turned to old age cares,
And I must be content that life was long.
So many of the friends who I once knew
Have now departed, lived, and sung their song.

But, I will join them in the realms of gold,
And we can reminisce on tales once told.



25 thoughts on “‘Tales Once Told’ – A SONNET

  1. Roland, you write sonnets with such beauty that you give joy with your song even though
    this is one filled with sorrow and fear. After great loss this is normal.
    But you are still here and now, alive and able to praise the gift I see as biggest of all.

    Nobody knows when our time on this earth is over, we have all many young who departed.
    I wish for you to again see every piece of beauty and fill your heart……and find your smile.

    I have written a poem about time but feel it is “rubbish” after reading your Sonnet.

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  2. Welcome back Roland and good to be reading your poetry and seeing your artwork again. Having sat in that very place at Rydal Water and experienced the beauty and calm captured in your drawing, it helps to draw out the air of reflection you portray in your excellent sonnet.


  3. This brought tears. Such a beautiful sonnet, Roland, and so heartfelt.
    Sometimes nature aligns with our mood…and understands our feelings.
    Your pen and ink drawing is lovely…so peaceful.
    I’m glad you are writing and sharing again. Your words are important to us here. You are important to us.
    Continued love and thoughts from me, while you continue to grieve. It’s difficult to be the one left here…may you find comfort in your precious memories and like you said…the knowledge that one day you will be reunited and can reminisce.


  4. A sonnet … wow … nice … I tried some iambic pentameter yesterday … well, ten syllable count anyway. Great to see the old forms … I’ll have a go at some sonnets soon … I also tried some Terza Rima, but got stuck … I’ll return to that … great form for epistles …


  5. I finished the first one (in a sort of iambic pentameter) and I’ll put it up tomorrow. We’ve just been into town and the river level is dropping slowly, thank heavens.


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