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OSLO, the capital of Norway, is a beautiful city.  I published a previous blog – ‘Oslo Statuary’  (q.v.) in November of 2016 in which I sang the praises of this fine city and displayed photographs of a few of the many statues dotted around the harbour and the city centre.

I am including below more photographs taken in and around the city during my visit there in 2004.

My first photograph, to set the Scandinavian theme, is of a troll, well possibly a gnome – not sure I can tell the difference. Trolls can be found everywhere and anywhere in Norway.  They are deeply woven into Norwegian culture, and, when in Oslo,  you don’t have to go far to find them.  They can be found in great numbers in every tourist shop – miniatures, books, calendars, t-shirts and other fabric designs dedicated to these fantasy beings.   It is apparent that Trolls come in all shapes and sizes; immense mountain trolls; moss covered forest trolls; terrifying three headed trolls and mischievous, gnome-like trolls.  Many shops have a troll statue standing by the entrance and are regularly incorporated in selfies.


Oslo (1)

A shop-front Troll ready for a skiing session

Oslo (2)

The sea approach to Oslo is by way of  the Inner Oslo Fjord

Oslo (3)

Akerhus Fortress or Castle stands beside the main harbour.  It is a medieval castle that was built to protect Oslo from invasion. It has also been used as a royal residential palace and as a prison.

Oslo (4)

Looking from the Korketrekkeren towards the sea approach to Oslo along the Inner Oslo Fjord

Oslo (5)

This is ski jumping hill Holmenkollen.  Close by is the Korketrekkeren, a former bobsleigh and luge track in Oslo.  It is operated as a public venue by the municipality.  It is possible to rent out sleds and try your hand at the skislopes, just a short distance outside the city .

Oslo (6)

I certainly wouldn’t dare!

Oslo (7)

. . . although he obviously would – and did!

Oslo (8)

King Olaf V of Norway, 1957-1991, and his dog Troll. This monument is placed near ski jumping hill at Holmenkollen.  The monument is called “Skiglede” or “Love Skiing”

Oslo (9)

Street artists plying their trade in the city centre

Oslo (10)

Street puppeteer (Reminds me of the one at Whitby I included in my photographs a few weeks ago).

Oslo (11)

One of Oslo’s many city centre living statue performers

Oslo (12)

Not another living statue this time – just one of the many harbour-side statues. 

Oslo (13)

Another of the many harbour-side statues – this one, somewhat like Atlas, balances a cruise ship on what remains of its head.


18 thoughts on “Oslo, NORWAY

  1. Nice photos. I’ve never been to Norway. Always traveled south to the sun. Ah, si je pouvais deux fois naitre … If I could only be born again … I guess it’s that stage of life …

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  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of such a beautiful place! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing Oslo with us! I especially enjoyed seeing the artists, performers, and statues!
    I have family members who have parents and grandparents who were born in Norway.
    They say “Uff da!” and make Kringla every Christmas.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. A beautiful city to visit Roland and easy to walk with its wide avenues. On trolls I smiled,
    They are typically Scandinavian beings and can be good or bad. Just like we. I have a quote I want to share with you.: ” Whatever their origin, trolls represent that which is somewhat peculiar and different, yet hauntingly similar to ourselves. ”
    They can be protective to people or lead you astray.:)

    Did you ever visit the biggest Viking museum whilst in Oslo. It is amazing and alters totally the perspective of the era. Awesome.

    I particularly like your photos of the statues. Quite something. And the artists have quite some more space than on Montmartre.

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    • Thanks for your enlightening comments, Miriam. I’m afraid I only had that one day in Oslo and no doubt missed out on many of its delights. I’d love to return, so if and when I do I’ll certainly seek to re-introduce myself to those delightfully cheery trolls and to the Viking Museum in particular.

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  4. I hope you get a chance to revisit and have time to see the cheery trolls and maybe one big
    grumpy one. There are tours going to the Viking museum and other places if you stay in the city.
    My cottages in Sweden are not far from the Norwegian border so you are welcome for a feast. 😊 .

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