Canterbury 015-The Marlowe Mask

Mask – Canterbury, UK.

Woden’s Day. 

In a change of plan from my previous publication schedule, I shall normally use Wednesday as a catch-up, filler, marking time day.   On occasion I will take the opportunity  for a re-run of one of my previously published poems.  Sometimes I will use the space for reflection, or for the publication of a loved or challenging work of music, poetry, or the visual arts.

At other times, as today, I may just take a rest and deny you the joy or irritation of yet another blog from Roland’s Ragbag.





12 thoughts on “Wednesdays

  1. Well Roland, you have never written anything irritating or boring so it goes to
    follow ……….
    It is a good thing to re-evaluate one’s preferences ever so often. Time is yours
    to use with joy.

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  2. Always do what is best for you, Roland! 🙂
    But remember that many of us really enjoy your words, your poems, your photos, your artwork, etc.! You are NOT irritating! You are a joy! 🙂
    Carolyn 🙂
    PS…that mask is fascinating! I’d love to know more about it!

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