Hope In The Sea


‘Ebb Tide’ … WHB  2017 ©



The promise of the sea
As it thrusts towards the shore
Is of resurgent love
And with it
the swell in my heart soars
Its tide in turn repeating
What once I had before
When life was young
And in its flow

Now as it ebbs
It is not easy
To renew that glow
Which once provided
all the hope
Of future bliss I ever needed
When sun kissed seas
Spoke loud their passion
Their cresting waves
Breaking one on one
In repeating fashion
Mirroring my wishes
Releasing desires
Bringing the froth and foam
Of hope
To these cool shores

Ribbed sand now reminds
Of what is yet to come
The ripples of my heartbeat
Become the breakers
bolstering my breath 
The thrill of expectation
Arriving with the tide

On what distant shores
have those same waves
Broken their strength
And torn in two
My harried heart



10 thoughts on “Hope In The Sea

  1. Roland, your poem is very beautiful and strong and the analogies can break our hearts.

    The sea, ocean still rolls with the same strength and maybe, as you sit and watch, they
    can help you heal with their faithful rhythm. If not totally heal the heart maybe mend it
    even if scars will show.
    I find the sea heals and as you know it is close to my heart. I can breathe t its rhythm and
    fall asleep.

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