Faustian Offers Refuted


From ‘Le Triomphe de la Mort’ by Iean Holbein



He has brought me here 
Recycled my life 
To revive my youth
Its promise given to me again 
To tempt my taste for change

Had it been different 
choices changed 
Those faustian offers not refuted 
Where would wishes 
Then rejected 
Have taken me

But I know 
I am no more fitted now
Than I was then  
To take the right course 
Choose the salient path

So once again I must reject the offer 
Renew my current course 
Leave longing for reason 
For that unknown and unknowing 


6 thoughts on “Faustian Offers Refuted

  1. A powerful and poignant poem Roland. There is always a part of us that thinks what if we had made such a pact? I suppose the joy is in the unknowing and having that choice to find our own way. Some deep thinking to take into the weekend. Have a good one.


  2. I find this poem both intriguing & poignant, and I’m drawn to the concluding lines, where it seems to end in a positive, resolved way. As Mr D says much to ponder, thank you for this post Roland.


  3. Beautiful poem Roland, both funny serious and calm.
    This Faust really does interfere by recycling your life, or trying to.
    We never know of course where different choices would have taken us,
    we can only affect choices we make now.

    Leave longing for reason
    For that unknown and unknowing
    Certitude ”


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