Joy In The Wind

Spring Wind-WHB

‘Wind On The Orme’ – Pen & Wash … WHB  2017     © 


The Wind In Springtime

As the leaves sway in the gentle breeze
And branches stir with crackling joyous glee,
So the wind sings songs amongst the trees
Displaying its delight in being free.

And as the zealous air disturbs the sea
White horses top the breaking vernal wave;
I’m minded of what Springtime means to me
How for its reappearance we all crave.

As waves furrow their path towards the shore,
And full-sailed yachts are snared and driven along,
I now can celebrate and lust for more, 
And yearn to hear its plangent soughing song.

Here as the fire’s flames leap up to the sky
And buffeted they dance with intense glee,
They spread their warmth as every breath drifts by,
Flickering now in every shadow I see.

Thus do I greet the season’s steady hope,
To pray that all its promises are kept, 
That midst bold Nature’s green kaleidoscope
Only our triumphant tears are wept.


9 thoughts on “Joy In The Wind

  1. Beautiful spring poem Roland laced with optimism and tiny doubt. I am glad to se a
    painting by you again and feel so at home with these trees bending with the prevailing wind.
    Sail that yacht and celebrate.

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  2. We do indeed crave springtime, I never associate it with spring tides though, until now. I’m now thinking how apt the link between spring’s renewal and the seas that carry us to somewhere new.
    Thank you for this Roland.
    ( I also greatly appreciate your painting, which like your ‘Selkie’ grabbed me instantly)

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  3. You have captured the thought and flow of Spring wonderfully with your poem and painting Roland. I often find Spring is the time of renewal and a fresh start. Your analogy of waves coming to the shore evoke that feeling of coming onto new land and fresh beginnings.

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