1.  A set of confused and meaningless statements
2. A long, complicated and confusing procedure






Rigmarole came

Messed with my head

I lost my thread 

Couldn’t understand

How such a knotted twisted man

A lifelong fan

A mixed up aimless being

Given to mirage seeing

Could laugh and mess my every thought 

Confuse the path ahead

And leave me thinking here and now

Why, where, who, how?

With what creature was I dealing

whose uncertainties was I feeling

Intent on healing

For when I tried to sort him out

He turned my thinking right about

And so, unable to untangle

his knotted meaning

My mind still reeling

So convoluted were his words 

So matted and blurred his feelings

So tortuous his explanations

So disjointed his suggestions

so twisted his knickers

That I gave up on his


His gobbledygook 

What a malarkey 

What a farce

Claptrap twaddle

Fuss and faff

Guff and drivel


Well . . . Rig – My – Role . . .

If it isn’t all just nonsense.



15 thoughts on “Rigmarole

  1. I’ve always loved that word. This is hilarious, Roland. Love it! And now I know how to spell it. I would have tried to put an extra “a” in there: rigamarole, don’t know why. I have a history of doing stuff like that.

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  2. Roland, no wonder the poor guy’s thoughts were messed and confused with so
    much rigmarole, gobbledygook, twaddle…..going on. Mine is in danger too now so
    I better stop.
    Wonderfully written by the way.😊 .


  3. I think this man inherits most writers heads Roland. A fun and excellent piece of poetry and, as ever, supported by one of your creative pieces of art. Enjoy your weekend.


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