The Borderlands of POETRY – 1

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An introspective week, during which I inspect the reasons and beliefs which govern my poetry.

I have recently been made to look more closely at my understanding of these on giving consideration to the words of that controversial Canadian academic, clinical psychologist, and considerable YouTube presence, Jordan Peterson.  In particular I have been led to consider a statement of his regarding his assertion of what poetry is and what the poet is attempting to do.

“We live in the finite and comprehensible but are surrounded by the infinite and incomprehensible and there has to be a border between those…like a mediating border… That’s poetry and art, that’s narrative and religion.” Jordan Peterson.

The background to his thinking on this and on related topics can be better understood by listening to a College Q and A on the subject of  ‘Free Speech, Racism, & Religion’ and published on YouTube – (or see below . . . )

The particular view which Peterson expressed , which I quote above, can be found at approximately 17.00 minutes in.  It has given me cause to consider my own impetus and purposes in writing poetry, some thoughts on which I will try to present on ‘Roland’s Ragbag’ throughout this week. 



4 thoughts on “The Borderlands of POETRY – 1

    • Thanks, Nigel. Don’t expect too much. I’m no philosopher, nor any sort of an academic to participate in Peterson’s debates. Just a few of my own (poetic) thoughts and considerations on what I’m doing pretending to be a poet.

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  1. Jordan Peterson is a very interesting man who seems to have a lot to say about pretty much everything!
    Poetry is definitely a Medium, perhaps in the esoteric sense of the word. When I write a song I sit and stare up at the top corner of the room and the words seem to come from there….
    Where do yours come from ?


    • An interesting response Dora. My own inspiration comes in intermittent bursts of illumination, often with little conscious preamble and little to connect it to any planned intention.

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