The Borderlands of POETRY – 2

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My Weeping Soul


I weep my truths in poetry
And from my unconscious mind
In the borderlands there
Where the finite
And the incomprehensible meet
My secrets are torn
Crying to be freed
To be revealed
In poured out singing words
Shed in images
Subtle revelatory pictures
My art telling of those wondrous places
Secreted within my core
for good or ill
I never will
Access in any other way
Than through my weeping soul







13 thoughts on “The Borderlands of POETRY – 2

  1. A deeply moving piece, so personal yet it must surely resonate with all who are compelled to write poetry and are most content when in the ‘borderlands’ described in this poem. Roland, to me you have managed to present a treatise in the form of beautiful art. It captured me immediately, in the same way ‘The meaning of life’ did. May I do a ‘voices’ version for my ‘Alchemists of word’ collection please ?

    Thank you for this post.

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    • I’d be honoured if you would do that, Nigel. On my own re-reading I feel it may come across as a little pretentious, or perhaps overblown might be a better word. I’m sure a spoken version by you would present it in its best light.

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      • Thank you Roland, it reads to me as neither pretentious nor overblown. I often feel the same on re-reading my words now and again, and I do still find it hard to accept praise at times and will ever hear my parents voices saying such things as ‘never blow your own trumpet’ and ‘think you’re summat you’re not’ and of course being ‘showy’ is a hanging offense.

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  2. An excellent and moving piece Roland. I think the emotion we hold inside us is the essence of our poetry. The secret is trying to turn those feelings into words.

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