The Borderlands of POETRY – 4

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Poetry is my life revealed,
For there, in depth of thought,
Lie all my hopes, my dreams expressed
In words intense and tightly wrought.

Exploring what I hardly know,
Seeking as though dreaming,
I struggle to define my life,
Grasping for more meaning.

The confines of experience
I venture to pursue,
Defining life and love and death,
Their meaning to construe.

And when I’ve sifted every thought,
Mined the deepest seams,
I feel I’ve drained my Muse’s well,
Finding only dreams.


9 thoughts on “The Borderlands of POETRY – 4

  1. Another thought provoking and beautiful piece Roland. I like how you have used a traditional form of poetry to express your modern day train of thought. The last line is striking. Poetry seems to exist in a dreamlike state.

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  2. As Davy says Roland, much to ponder, I wonder how much dreams influence reality and vice versa, are our dreams really what lies in front of us, and as poets we have no or can move aside the filter that evolution has put in place to allow the human mind to function as we do, and therefore perhaps death is just life without any filters, physical and mental.

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