The Lark Ascending

The Lark Ascending



As the morning lark ascends 

So my spirits fly,

Replaying my life. 

The memories spill

Across the cloudless sky,

And I consider time well spent 

Because it was spent with you.

And what the future has in store 

Holds no fears for me. 

The past was rich; 

We caught the wind,

Soared with each new gust,

Through dips and dives

We stayed alive.

Fruition came anew.

With each new swoop,

Each twist and turn,

A new path was revealed.

We that were two

Are now as one,

Our destinies are sealed.




A poem written to keep in my memory the thoughts engendered by the music played at my wife’s funeral eight weeks ago today.  Composed by Vaughan Williams, ‘The Lark Ascending’ was very much her favourite piece of classical music.  The version used was played on the violin by the Scottish violinist, Nicola Benedetti, and can be heard on YouTube at: ‘The Lark Ascending’






10 thoughts on “The Lark Ascending

  1. Such a lovely piece, easily on my top five. And I am so sad to come back to your blog after a little while and find you lost your wife. I did not know. This is a perfect tribute. Really beautiful, both the piece and your words. Allbest to you Roland–

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  2. A perfect melding of music and words, lucky are those who ever get to know such a love. It’s bright, sunny and already warm here in our homelands Roland, the window is open and the birds are ecstatic, I’ve just played Nicola’s video at full blast, and life is wonderful !

    Thank you for this post .

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  3. Such wonderful words of your love . A wonderful
    treasure to have lived each day, your poem expresses this
    with such lightness of spirit.
    The music is heavenly.


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