RYE, East Sussex, England

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RYE is an English town near the coast in East Sussex.  It was one of the original Cinque Ports and parts of the original walls and town gates, once built to guard against invasions from the French, still remain.  Over the centuries, however, the sea has receded leaving Rye Harbour and the coast of the English Channel about 2 miles (3.2 km) downriver from the town.  In the town centre, cobbled lanes like Mermaid Street still exist lined with medieval, half-timbered houses. The redbrick Lamb House was once owned by writer Henry James. Nearby, the tower of the Norman St. Mary’s Church overlooks the town. 

Rye Apr05 001

Low tide on the River Rother at Rye

Rye Apr05 003

Ancient Rye Mill, reconstructed in 1932 after a fire destroyed much of the superstructure

Rye Apr05 009

Fascinating weather-worn textures in part of the ancient town walls

Rye Apr05 014

Looking uphill along the cobbled Mermaid Street to Lamb House at the top right

Rye Apr05 018

View across the roofs of the town from the roof of St. Mary’s Church tower

Rye Apr05 020

Another view across the roofs of the town from the roof of St. Mary’s Church tower

Rye Apr05 027

View towards the River Rother from the roof of St. Mary’s Church tower

Rye Apr05 031 Burne-Jones

A Burne-Jones stained-glass window in St.Mary’s Church

Rye Apr05 035

A lovely corner window in the town

Rye Apr05 036

House front near St.Mary’s Church

Rye Apr05 037 Landgate

One of the ancient town entry gates

Rye Apr05 038 RadclyffeHall

The green plaque is inscribed ‘Radclyffe Hall (1880 – 1943), Novelist, lived here.’


19 thoughts on “RYE, East Sussex, England

  1. Roland, I visited Rye last Summer and it is a strange and beautiful town. You have, as usual, captured the atmosphere perfectly with your photos. It is a town well worth a visit for those who have not been there.

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  2. Lovely photos. Mermaid Street is such a great name. I found an old article that listed it as one of the top ten prettiest streets in England. Lamb House and its history is fascinating.

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  3. Yet another favourite of mine Roland . I first visited the town as a small boy while camping at camber sands and the last time was the year of the Battle of Britain anniversary. I was walking to a small pub for a jar, I seem to recall on the road to Camber, when the air was filled with the sound of a Merlin engine, and for about 5-10 min I was spoilt by the sight of a Spitfire ‘beating up’ the big sky down there on the coast. I can only assume, given the time of early evening, he was on his way back from a show.

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