A Glimpse in Time


A Glimpse in Time


A video plays in my head

as my body drags itself 

from the long night’s dream. 


The images continue 

holding me

their plangent grip

hurting but healing 

as the dream itself 

fades from memory.


Because it was of you

I let the screen run on

seeking to retain

its fast fading force 

Visions of a possible future 

wherein I wake each day

to your warmth

Live in the  shade 

of your love 

Gaining strength from your fortitude

Resolution from our nearness. 


As the images disappear 

I attempt to grasp their dying light  

urging their resurrection 

to heal my fading hopes.


But all now is lost

and I am left 

Defeated by a glimpse 

of what might have been. 




7 thoughts on “A Glimpse in Time

  1. So very beautiful, Roland. I think holding the memories of loved ones close does have a healing effect. It is an experience that, although sad, can carry the griever into a spiritually intense realm. I would never want to give that up for the sake of eternal lightheartedness. Thank you for sharing.

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