Fever Pitch


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I was at fever pitch with fervour
Full of fire, desire and lust,
Expectant, hopeful and excited,
Self-contained, but only just.

Summer came, I was excited,
An end to rain and wind and snow;
Warmer weather does delight me,
I’m a sun-child, that I know.

But now the summer has arrived
I’m pleading that it will not last.
I’ve had enough of sweaty T-shirts,
Hoping it will soon have passed.

Hot and bothered by the weather,
Aching for a cooling breeze.
Can’t bear this heatwave any longer,
Send me wind and rain now please.






8 thoughts on “Fever Pitch

  1. I don’t much like the heat, so I hope you get some more typical British weather soon. And you’ve been having unseasonably warm weather, haven’t you? I try to keep tabs on global heatwaves because of my interest in climate science. Southern California broke all kinds of heat records last weekend, though I live in Northern California. And I have no idea why I’m still up. It’s nearly 2 a.m. and I’m just blathering on and on so 🙂 Love the poem!

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