shallow focus photography of couple ants holding book figurine

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 I started my hobby when 60 years old
I’d left it a bit late I know 
An interest in ladies I soon found out 
Well it gave me somewhere to go

Nothing afraid
I cashed life’s cheques
Every second a buzz
Nothing complex
At simple sex
Never afraid
I plied my trade

Until one day
A well-heeled lady
Enticed me with her laugh
Her chequebook too
Rang loud and true
I fell for her autograph

But then one day
I chanced to say
I was interested in sex
A hobby I wished to follow

But suddenly
Her demeanour changed
She said she was disgusted
And I was maladjusted
Of all the things that she objects 
She said the worst was insects

I tried to make her understand 
A spider with eight hairy legs
Was not my idea of fun
Too late, too late,
She’d upped and left
I was perplexed
I should have guessed
Insects ARE worse than sex





7 thoughts on “In–Sects

  1. The insects on your bench are the cutest though.😊

    and as I breakfast in the haven of garden
    The Doves are performing courtship
    so beautifully, witch courtesy,
    The flowers sing their sweetest song,
    The bees enchanted visit them all.

    The butterflies on the Buddleya hold court.

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