The Voice



It woke me from my sleep,
I heard it call my name.
Not plaintive nor appealing,
The gentle murmur came.

Not desperate nor demanding, 
Nor urgent nor imploring,
A voice I recognised
From the deep grave was calling.

As she had once addressed me,
Just quizzical, requesting
A warm word in response
Our lifetime’s love suggesting

Half awake I called out “Yes?” 
Expecting a reply
But no such came and then I knew
It had to be “Goodbye”. 

Four times I’ve heard in recent days 
my name called out on waking 
It can’t be real. It can’t be true,
It must be memory faking.

A voice that I had known
From the grave’s depth calling
A voice now lost to me
Lost memory forestalling.

A wake-up call to start my day 
My new life here without you 
I miss you so. But now I know 
You wish me life anew. 



17 thoughts on “The Voice

  1. A deeply moving and utterly beautiful poem Roland. And also intriguing, though I lean towards the science camp I despair at its arrogance, especially when some of the theories about quantum mechanics make belief in the possibility of survival seem plausible.. Whether derived from the subconscious or some other reality a powerful and positive experience I’m grateful you’ve shared.
    Thank you Roland.

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  2. So beautiful, Roland. After my father passed, I had several vivid dreams about him over the course of the following few years. We were very close. And the dreams felt so real. I wonder …

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  3. Lovely reflections of the loss of a loved one. I feel those voices from our deceased loved ones are for a reason and that is to help us transition through difficult times.

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  4. You are sharing a beautiful and sensitive poem with us. Healing for you and a treasure for us to hear about such long and enduring love. Her voice comforting you and guiding you on
    comes as no surprise. Who said the boundaries are that fixed and built in bricks.
    I have experienced similar from my father and before him from my mother; even manifestations.
    Your last stanza
    ” A wake-up call to start my day
    My new life here without you
    I miss you so. But now I know
    You wish me life anew. ”

    Yes, yu are still alive and have a life to lead. You will never forget but you will feel the

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