‘The Doll’

 [ Wednesday Replay # 4 ] 

‘The Doll’

Another of the series in which I re-publish some of my previous posts. This is one of those in which I presented some of my collection of  whimsical,  quirky,  humorous photographs, snapped up, Autolycus-style, on my travels over the past few years.

Dev Feb05 B-Land19a

(Photograph taken on a farm in Devon in 2005 by WHB © )


Objet trouvé


Victim of the guillotine?

Or could it be of nicotine?

Doll-ish head, a baby lass,

Laid to rest on a bed of grass


Poem by WHB (aka Roland Keld  © )



10 thoughts on “‘The Doll’

  1. An interesting photo. If that doll could talk. Well, we probably don’t want that because that would be really creepy, but it looks like it has some stories to tell. I used to take the heads off of my dolls.

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  2. Such a sad photo in so many ways. My favorite teddy bear is on his last legs. I don’t want him to end up in the dustbin. I will plan something special for him: not the guillotine!

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