A Pedestrian’s Prayer

[  # 89 of My Favourite Short Poems  ]

car and pedestrian1

WHB … 2018

Prayer of a Poor Pedestrian

O God, who filled all heaven with stars
And then all earth with motor cars,
Make room within thy cosmic plan
For me, a poor pedestrian.

Spread Thou before me, I entreat,
A threadlike pathway for my feet;
And do thou watch me lest I stray
From this, Thy straight and narrow way.

Give me an ear, alert, acute,
For each swift car’s peremptory hoot:
Teach me to judge its headlong pace
And dodge it with a nimble grace.

When driver’s looks and words are black
Restrain me, Lord, from answering back:
O bless me with a nature meek
To bear with smiles each narrow squeak.

And if one day Thy watchful eye
Should be withdrawn, and I should die,
One boon I crave, upon my knees:
Exonerate the driver, please.

This poem is re-printed from Gyles Brandreth’s ‘The Joy of Lex’ (Robson Books 1987). It was originally published in ‘Prayers and Graces’ by Allen M.Laing. Pan Books, 1981.




11 thoughts on “A Pedestrian’s Prayer

  1. You give us a good giggle this morning Roland. Do you think it is
    all to keep us alert and stop dreaming? All this listening, looking, worrying –
    just to cross a road? Not to forget the emotional traumas… 😊 .


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  2. I actually agree, even though I think they’re inevitable. I don’t think any kind of cars mix well with cyclists and pedestrians. I find it so confusing to drive my son to school with all the cyclists on the road. Some of the kids don’t know the rules, and that makes it worse. But I have visual sensory challenges, so I don’t even drive on the highway anymore. It’s too much visual input, and I freak out. I hope one day we have fewer total cars on the road with separate lanes that have barriers in between. I’ve read about something similar in one of the Scandinavian countries. And that was probably way more than you ever wanted to know about my opinion on the matter!

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