A Dreamless Sleep


Photograph … Double Rainbow Nr. Stonehenge, England – July 2009:  WHB   ©


Will death be as a dreamless sleep,
Or Prospero’s promised damage;
Will dreams fill up my remnant soul,
Digesting life’s excessive baggage?

 For my belief, held with a caution,
And ever fraught with doubt,
Is that there’ll be a price to pay,
And that my faults will find me out.

 Those indiscretions I have owned
Frailties, foibles, defects,
The fallout from my elapsed life
Could yet bewilder and perplex.

 So, as I travel on from here,
Will love still follow me
Into that unknown future sleep,

Where memory has no guarantee?

 Life’s fallout has to rest always
With those we count so dear;
I pray when Judgement Day arrives
My flaws with me will disappear.



13 thoughts on “A Dreamless Sleep

  1. I love this, Roland. And I believe that if there is life after death, we become purified in some way so as to become nearly perfect. But I don’t pretend to know what follows death. The last two lines of your poem express this beautifully.

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  2. Roland, first I want to say how wonderful I find your picture, it just glows and speaks of nature’s wonder.
    You write a deeply thoughtful poem with humour stuck in. Funnily I just read Prospero’s
    speech last night as part of a book I read. Quite something.
    ” will love follow me ” you ask. Personally I think it is the strongest emotion and
    it is what will follow.


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