‘Bee! I’m Expecting you!’ – Emily Dickinson

[  # 90 of My Favourite Short Poems  ]


My recent photograph of a yellow plaque posted outside this Wildlife Trust in South Devon, England – see below . . .

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8 thoughts on “‘Bee! I’m Expecting you!’ – Emily Dickinson

  1. Thank you for sharing this delightful Emily Dickinson poem! I find it especially soothing today, since I’m surrounded by fire here in California, although I’m quite safe. Roland, I’ve been meaning to say how much I enjoy becoming reacquainted with poetry here on your blog.

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  2. Thank you Roland for this joyful and beautiful poem. Written by Fly to the Bee.
    Emily Dickenson had a wonderful imagination. I think I will read it to the bees.

    The entrance to the Wildlife centre is gorgeous with all these paintings and the
    aboundance of plants spilling over by the entrance.


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