The Detritus Of Time

 [ Wednesday Replay # 5 ] 

Previously Posted on September 6, 2016




Once upon a time,
In a pool and mired in grime,
I found a body, floating high.
A desolate place to die.

A basin for a tomb;
Blue plastic for a shroud.
A watery necropolis
For beauty now anonymous.

Abandoned, left to rot,
That was to be her lot.
Discarded and bereft,
Beauty the sands of time had left.

She’s found a resting place
Without sacrament or grace.
Long ago loved but now
The victim of a broken vow.

This unseemly end
My heart did rend.
‘The detritus of time’
Will end my rhyme.



The photograph was taken by me in 2004 on a farm in East Devon, England.


6 thoughts on “The Detritus Of Time

  1. I really like this piece Roland, so many thoughts conjured by the title and photo alone. I’ll just share one, it made me think of the phenomenon not often seen now where truck drivers would fasten dolls/teddy bears to the front grill of their vehicle. Especially refuse waggons, I often saw this as a boy and wonder what thoughts induced the driver to do this, a sense of the macabre or nostalgia ?
    Glad you re-posted !

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  2. So beautifully written Roland. A walk – maybe in the garden and an abandoned doll -,
    you see so much. Before I had seen the picture I read the poem and felt a chill thinking of the humans who end up this way.
    ” This unseemly end
    My heart did rend”

    Thank you for this thoughtful poem.


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