Ed-ingo #1



It’s an Ed-ingo  (#1)


Eyes opened wide
I had to blink
To see King Ed
Now crowned in pink. 

Our Peacemaker
In all his pride, 
Reduced to this – 
I nearly cried. 

To see our monarch 
Derided thus, 
Flamingo coloured – 
‘Tis Treasonous!

But then I thought, 
He’s just a bloke, 
And just like me
He loved a joke. 

I bet those royal
Would love to be
His witnesses. 


Edward VII (1841 – 1910) was the great grandfather of our present Queen, Elizabeth II. There are a number of statues of Edward VII around the British isles and Commonwealth Realms. This particular one can be found on a bridge over the River Lowman in Tiverton, East Devon.  Edward was married to Alexandra of Denmark, but had many mistresses.  He was acknowledged as ‘The Peacemaker’ for the considerable efforts he made to maintain world stability at a time when War seemed to be looming.  The peace he had worked so hard to keep was eventually broken with the declaration of the First World War (1914-1918).





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