Once Upon an Autumn

green field during sunset

Photo by Dids on Pexels.com


In the land that love forgot
lit by the light of an autumn moon
Memory stirred and held a thought
of those once upon a time days
When roses
rich with red
scented days with hope
Wind-strewn days with fallen apple
air fresh with suckled honey
When once You and I loved

immersed in this infinity
in those autumn days
Regaining in their wistful hours
what summer once had brought us 
All now lost in time’s story
But always and forever 
written on memory’s scroll. 



10 thoughts on “Once Upon an Autumn

  1. Your love poems are always so beautiful, this one set in autumn with allegories full of colour and scents is no exception.
    ” Wind-strewn days with fallen apple
    air fresh with suckled honey “.

    Thank you Roland and all the best



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