Time’s Reckoning


As my eyes closed on yesterday,

Its half-truths and its flaws,

My thoughts then turned to triumphs past,

To nights of warm applause.

To days of plenty, youth and promise,

When all was bright and brave,

When time’s sand filled the hour glass

And life a lustre gave.

I drank the spirit of success

With eagerness and hope;

No fears of failure, dread or loss,

Marred my horoscope.

But time demands a reckoning

And optimism fades.

Life has now passed beyond its cusp,

No more the accolades.

So now I seek content in friends,

Those who remain steadfast.

To them I owe my gratitude,

They are my valued past.

5 thoughts on “Time’s Reckoning

  1. I love the way the poem paves the way for the essence of the piece in the last few lines. And how true the line “they are my valued past”. Such is the only reason I’m involved with Facebook. For all its faults and failures it has put me in contact with old friends again.
    I enjoyed this Roland, thank you.

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