To Prove A Point


WHB . . . 2017

I stand on the shoreline
Confronting the incoming tide
I hold my ground
Seeking proof of my infallibility
By resisting its onward force

I had hoped for peace
Without the need
To demonstrate my powers 
I have something to prove
And Poseidon
As ever
holds the key

Resistance is without hope
Obduracy prompts my resolve
I cannot always be the loser
Some day I will find the locus
At the very point of the tide’s turn
Its surge braved
Its advance stemmed
Apogee achieved
Only then
Its relentless tread withdrawn
With my standpoint confirmed
Will my fear retreat

The sea withdrawn
Regathers strength
And once again exhales
It will find me gone. 



4 thoughts on “To Prove A Point

  1. Your poem is outstanding Roland, with each reading I feel the resolve stronger.
    Standing up to fear is the hardest. Having both Canute and Poseidon to face rings great
    with me. Obduracy is often necessary.
    Let me also say that your painting is wonderful.

    p.s. Gothenburg has a 33′ Statue of Poseidon in the main square at the height of the big Avenue. Something to see. 😊 .

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